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The aim of the project was to reduce the prevalence and harmful consequences of sexual violence, including sexual violence to human trafficing victims in Estonia, by creating and enhancing pilot services for victims and a multi-sectoral co-operation network of professionals and organisations. This project ensures co-ordinated and sustainable approach to the problem of sexual violence in Estonia and reduces it’s spread and harm in the society. The problems identified and to be addressed by the project are the following: limited public awareness of sexual violence and human trafficing, limited analysis of scientific data about sexual violence in Estonia, lack of services for victims/survivors of sexual assault, professionals not sensitized to sexual violence and not appropriately trained to offer assistance to victims of sexual violence, lack of a coherent approach and written guidelines to support victims of sexual violence in different health care settings, lack of effective cooperation between professionals and lack of a "pressure group" to advocate for and initiate specialized services for victims of sexual violence.

Within the project framework we aimed to:

1) make an overview about the situation of sexual violence based on population-based studies that have been performed in Estonia;

2) raise awareness of sexual violence, incl sexual violence in human trafficing, among 16–35 year-old victims and perpetors;

3) start pilot service of first aid to sexual violence victims in two hospitals and rehabilitation services in two sexual health clinics in Estonia;

4) start internet counseling service for sexual violence victims;

5) compile a guide for health care personnel how to work with sexual violence victims;

6) raise awareness of sexual violence among specialists working in different institutions (medical, women’s support centers, forensic medical, police, attorney) who meet sexual violence victims in their work;

7) create a multi-sectoral network to help the victims of sexual violence;

 8) raise the capacity of the organisations involved in sexual violence to deal with the problem.


The direct target group consists of professionals working with victims of sexual violence in different sectors; heads of health care institutions/units; victims of sexual violence; potential perpetors of sexual violence, general public. The indirect target group consists of the family members of the victims of sexual violence and whole society in Estonia. Expected results: scientific report about the prevalence of different forms of sexual violence and victims characteristics available; public awareness and intolerance of sexual violence and availability of support services for victims of such violence raised; first aid and rehabilitation pilot services established; internet counselling targeted for the victims of sexual violence established; guide for working with victims of sexual violence in the health care system created and introduced in the training seminars for the health care personnel all over Estonia; the capacity to meet the needs of the victims of sexual violence raised among the health care personnel and the problem acknowledged among the leaders of health care units, Norwegian experience and expertise incorporated; multi-sectoral training delivered and skills and willingness of specialists of different sectors (medical, women’s support centers, forensic medical, police, attorney) to deal with victims of sexual violence delivered and skills of the specialists increased, Norwegian experience and expertise incorporated a national network of professionals dealing with victims of sexual violence building on the existing network of professionals working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence established; the capacity of NGOs participating in the project enhanced and under their leadership, a broad-based network to prevent and manage gender-based violence in Estonia developed.

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